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I stared at the beauty so, that my vision became full of it.
Konstantinos Kavafis

In AEGINA in Loutra
the Hotel XANTHIPPI,
in harmony with Nature and the water element …
a never ending blue…
only the sun of Argosaronikos interrupts the horizon.


The hotel group is taking place in a beautiful open space of 3500 m2, seducing with its unhindered view to the sea. It consists of a two-storeyed building, typical of the 70’ s decade.

The vertical elements are symmetrically incorporated in the building, forming 22 TOTALLY RENOVATED STUDIOS .  They are designed to give the sensation of a private home. Out of the hotel, a postcard creek, a little organized beach, gives to people of any age and mood the chance to fit the landscape and enjoy the vacations.

Our concern is to offer you hospitable services, in a peaceful landscape by the sea.

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