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History of the Hotel

The history of the hotel XANTHIPPI at Loutra in Souvala, Aegina begins with the grandfather of the family, Ioannis Chrysochoos, well-known as kyr-Giannis.

In 1927, returning from Madagascar, kyr-Giannis buys the seaside tract of land, an area of 20,000 m2 where there is already a building of 12 rooms nicknamed “Makrynari” (Long Thing), due to its architectural design. This building served to the local hot springs that were lying in the homonymous creek since the ancient years.

In 1937, kyr-Giannis and his wife Nota expand it with a building of 6 rooms, serving the same needs.

In 1970, his daughter Xanthippi and her husband, Alekos Grypaios, create the existing 22 apartments on the same seaside spot, as “Makrynari” does not exist anymore.

At the decades of ‘80s and ‘90s, the hotel XANTHIPPI is being at its zenith, accommodating visitors from all over the world.

Nowadays, Xanthippi’ s children, Nikos and Penny Grypaios, following the hotel family trade, renovate the 27 apartments, expecting to offer you days of relaxation in a luxurious, simple and hospitable environment.

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