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Athens is a city that you shouldn’t miss. Besides you are so close!!!

It is a modern city,noisy,crowded,full of life that whenever you walk thre is always something from it’s long past.

You get there by metro within 20 min from the port of Piraeus. The port of Aegina is joined to Piraeus by either convencional boats or hydrofoil crafts in 1 h or 40 min.

The first highlight in Athens is the AKROPOLIS. The religious center of the classical Athens with the greatest architectural achievement the PARTHENON. On the top of the hill you’ll also see the remains of the Propyles with the woderful new restored temple of Apteros Niki and the Erectheion with the famouw Karyatides.Getting down to the southern foot of the hill after you pass by the Herodeion, where still peformances take place in summer and the theater of Dionyssous you’ll get to the ACROPOLIS MUSEUM…

This is the other “must” of your day in Athens. It is new spacius,different and it is host all the art works from the Acropolis and whatever was left from the sculptural decoration of Parthenon.

And then is the Plaka, the gods neighbourshood. The old part of Athens,very traditional with the colourfull neoclassical houses it is a challenge to explore. Passing the Roman marketplace and the Hyrodian library you get to the Acient Agora, the administrative and shopping center of Acinet Athens.

You will enjoy to stroll Monastiraki square with the flee market and the Pandrossou str with all the little shops. Enjoy your lunch in one of the hudrend taverns or cafes and continue your walking to Syntagma sq the heart of the downtown.

The Parliament house is there with the Presidential Guards who change  every hour. Being there you have the opportunity to see one of the central Metro Stations. You will be impressed of how the remains of the ancient Athens were succesfully matched with modern and contemporary needs of the city.

If you have more time you can also visit the National Archaeological Museum, the Benaki Museum or yoy can get up to the Lycabetus hill by the camble car…..

Late afternoon you the boat and return to the island full of impresions……

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